Friday, November 29, 2013

CrossFit Sydney 32 McCauley St Alexandria 2015 Sydney Quality Strength and Conditioning Instruction

CrossFit Sydney / Cinder Weight Lifting Club is purpose built Strength and Conditioning facility that has CrossFit methodology at its center for training individuals to obtain fitness goals. Strength and Conditioning protocols suit any fitness goals from sport specific beginner to elite athlete,outdoor pursuits,daily life and rehabilitation from injury Strength and Conditioning Protocols apply to all individuals with a focus on creating functional strength,strength endurance, anaerobic and aerobic recovery. Unlimited Membership $55 per week Unlimited Sessions Unlimited Access Access all Areas for Program Session Work outs* General Conditioning WOD Sessions Olympic Lifting WOD Sessions Olympic Lift Technique Sessions Specialty Sessions Endurance WOD Sessions Beyond the Whiteboard Work out Log Book *Access all Areas for Program Work outs Clients can drop in any time consult Coach and perform programmed workouts

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Herry jonson said...

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